Cincinnati History

Cincinnati was founded in 1788 and was originally named “Losantiville.”  Later renamed Cincinnati after the Roman military leader Cincinnatus, our town became incorporated as a city in 1819.  Because it is located on the mighty Ohio River, steam boat navigation led to the city growing quickly in the 1800s.  German immigrants began to arrive in the mid 1850s and became the main ancestry group for 100 years.  Still today, more Cincinnatians claim German ancestry than any other ancestry and we are part of the “German triangle,” the three most German cities in the US, along with St. Louis and Milwaukee.  In the early days, our city was known for its production of pork products, carriages and soap, which was the founding of the Fortune 500 company Procter & Gamble, created and headquartered here.  We were also a part of the Underground Railroad during slavery.  If a slave crossed the Ohio River from a southern state into Cincinnati, they were free.  Today greater Cincinnati is made up of 1,000,000 people and houses 10 Fortune 500 companies.  We are a hub of entrepreneurship, culture and higher learning.  Learn more!  Learn more:  Cincinnati History